950 ROSS™ FASTQC™ Titrator by Thermo Fisher Scientific

950 ROSS™ FASTQC™ Titrator by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
950 ROSS™ FASTQC™ Titrator
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Orion 950 Titrator

  • Conomical Automatic Titrator - fits any budget
  • Automates - routine titrations can be done easily
  • Modular Design - the compact design allows flexibility and versatility
  • Superior Features - incorporates premium ROSSTM pH electrode technology
  • Printer Options - provide comprehensive record of results and methods

Product Detail

The Orion 950 incorporates the superior features of the patented ROSS pH technology into an economical yet versatile potentiometric titrator. The Orion 950 performs Acid/Base titrations, including non-aqueous samples, oxidation-reduction, precipitation and complexometric titrations using ion selective electrodes. Automate all routine manual color end-point titrations with the Orion 950 preset end-point technique. The Orion 950 preset technique can titrate to one or two preset pH or millivolt values to measure P & M alkalinity of water or acidity of carbonated beverages. The Orion 950 first derivative technique offers titration to one or multiple inflection points for many analyses, for example: chloride in food ingredients, copper in a plating bath, or TAN and TBN of petroleum products. The titrant and the entire system can be standardized automatically against an accurately weighed known NIST or other national standards using the standardize system technique. This basic titrator is extremely simple to use; just press a single button to start the titration. Automatic pH calibration menu leads you to perform a one or two point calibration. On-board memory stores up to 10 methods that can be recalled at the push of a button. Methods can be locked to safeguard accidental deletion! Unique to Orion titrators, the Assured Accuracy™ feature allows the gravimetric calibration of the entire dispensing system, making it easy to meet ISO 9000 and GLP requirements. Simply add a second workstation to expand your Orion 950 titration capabilities and enhance your lab’s productivity.

All Orion 950 FASTQC Titrator packages include workstation, control unit, Orion ROSS Sure-Flow pH Combination electrode (8172BN), cables, tubing and instructional manual.

Note:  to use with an external printer, order 950DPU or 950EPN splitter cables. 

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