941 Eluent Production Module by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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941 Eluent Production Module
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The 941 Eluent Production Module enables the automatic production of an eluent. It enables continuous working without manual intervention and guarantees stable retention times.

The 941 Eluent Production Module is equipped for the production of an eluent and contains an 800 Dosino. Additional eluents can be produced and monitored when it is expanded to include an 800 Dosino with the IC equipment for additional eluents (6.5330.090). The instrument can be used with all IC instruments operated under MagIC Net.

With the 941 Eluent Production Module, Metrohm integrates Inline Eluent Preparation into the 940 Professional IC Vario and 930 Compact IC Flex ion chromatographs. Moreover, it is even possible to integrate the continuous supply of ultrapure water that the system requires. To this end, any standard tap water connection can be linked to an ELGA PURELAB flex5 ultrapure water system, which is then connected to the 941 Eluent Production Module. This means that ion chromatography can be performed using ordinary tap water!

941 Eluent Production Module Features:

  • "Inline Eluent Preparation"
  • Enhances laboratory safety
  • Protects eluents against idle running
  • Can be used for all types of eluents
  • Simple assembly and configuration
  • Guarantees stable retention times
  • Uninterrupted working without manual intervention