910 GC - Industrial GC with FID and TCD

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910 GC with FID and TCD detectors 30 meter column, and built-in air compressor

In the lab, the 910-series GCs perform routine industrial analyses and complicated research seperations easily, generating accurate and reproducible results.

FID – flame ionization detector is commonly used for organic analyses, it is specific for hydrocarbon species with a working range from ~10PPM to 10% for C1-C10 compounds. It has a high temperature ranger and can be interfaced with add-on detectors for selective-species measurements.

TCD detector is a universal detector with easy replaceable filaments. It can detect from 100% down to 200-500PPM and is thermostatted up to 275°C.

• FID and TCD detectors
• On-Column injectors
• Built-in air compressor
• 1-meter Silica Gel Column
• Temperature Programmable Column Oven
• Electronic pressure control (EPC) for carrier and combustion gases
• 4 channel PeakSimple data system
• Programmed oven temperatures from 50°C/min up to 300°C and 20°C/min from 300°C to 450°C
• Fast cool oven fan
• Electronic pressure controls (EPC)
• Over 12 different detector options to choose from for optimal measurement

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910 GC - Industrial GC with FID and TCD

Manufacturer Buck Scientific, Inc.

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