871 Advanced Bioscan by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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871 Advanced Bioscan

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The new 871 Advanced Bioscan expands Metrohm’s modular ion chromatography system by including carbohydrate analysis in the range of IC applications.

The 871 Advanced Bioscan is a pulsed amperometric detector equipped with an injection valve and a column oven. Control and data acquisition are performed by the Metrodata IC Net software. There is no need for an additional interface as the A/D converter is already integrated in the new Bioscan.

Modular concept for maximum flexibility

The modular concept of the Metrohm IC system allows perfect adaptation of the setup to the particular application. The pulsed amperometric detector 871 Advanced Bioscan can be used as a stand-alone system but can also easily be incorporated as a "sugar analyzer" in an existing system for the determination of anions and cations.

A versatile detector

In fact, the expression "sugar analyzer" only describes one possible application of the 871 Advanced Bioscan. Apart from carbohydrates it can also be used to determine alcohols, sugar alcohols, sugar acids, polysaccharides and other oxidizable or reducible substances. The newly developed Metrosep Carb 1 separation column is particularly suitable for the determination of carbohydrates using alkaline eluents and pulsed amperometric detection. It is very stable under alkaline conditions and yields outstanding separations of mono- and disaccharides. It is also suitable for the analysis of sugar alcohols and oligosaccharides.

Gold and silver for the new 871 Advanced Bioscan

The measuring cell of the 871 Advanced Bioscan and the insulated column oven form a single unit that is optimally protected against environmental influences. The three-electrode measuring principle is applied; a gold working electrode is used as standard. Measuring cells with silver, platinum or glassy carbon working electrodes are available. Depending on the requirements, the detector can be operated in the DC, scan or pulse mode. The pulse mode, in which three different working potentials are applied in sequence, is used for the determination of carbohydrates.