864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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Have you ever wished you could weigh in samples directly on the rack of your processor/analyzer? Fully automatically? Now you can. The 864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor is the first system that allows you to prepare and analyze liquid samples fully automatically in one operation from weighing through to titration.

One system does it all
Metrohm’s 864 Robotic Balance Sample Processor is the first sample processor with a patented weighing technique for weighing out the sample directly on the sample rack. Thus, weighing out and analyzing the sample are integrated in a single system. Not only does automation save time and costs. As manual sample transfer from the balance to the rack has been eliminated, the risk of sample mix-ups is virtually zero.

Perfectly easy to operate
All that the operator has to do is put the sample on the rack and press «START». The 864 Robotic Balance Processor carries out the weighing and analysis fully automatically. The titration and control software tiamo™ allows flexible control of the whole titration system and at the same time guarantees full traceability of the results. Due to its compact size, space requirement for the 864 Robotic Balance Sampler are very low. The new system comes with a complete package including titrator, pumps, balance and further accessories.