860 KF Thermoprep by Metrohm AG

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860 KF Thermoprep
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Rating: 4.7

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Review date: 06 Jun 2011 | 860 KF Thermoprep
Thermal sample preparation in Karl Fischer titration.

For various reasons many substances are not suitable for a direct Karl Fischer titration:

– They release their water only slowly
– The water is released at high temperatures only
– The substances are poorly soluble in alcohols
– They undergo side reactions with KF reagents
– They contaminate the titration cell or the electrodes

By using the KF oven method the above-mentioned problems can be avoided. The substance under investigation is heated in a hermetically sealed vial in the oven. The water vapor released is transferred to the titration cell by a carrier gas. This means that no noxious solubilizers have to be used, side reactions as well as matrix effects are absent and the contamination of the titration cell is avoided.

Depending on the sample’s water content, the determination can be carried out either by coulometric or volumetric Karl Fischer titration.