857 Titrando – Intelligent titrator plus intelligent sensors by Metrohm AG

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857 Titrando – Intelligent titrator plus intelligent sensors

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Review date: 06 Dec 2010 | 857 Titrando – Intelligent titrator plus intelligent sensors
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Review date: 29 Jun 2007 | 857 Titrando – Intelligent titrator plus intelligent sensors
High-end titrator for use of intelligent electrodes – iTrodes – and up to four 800 Dosino dosing systems. Dynamic (DET) and monotonic (MET) titration, endpoint titration (SET), enzymatic and pH-STAT titrations (STAT), Karl Fischer titration (KFT), measurements with ion-selective electrodes (MEAS CONC), dosing functions with monitoring (DOS), liquid handling. With four MSB connections, two measuring interfaces (one exclusively for iTrodes plus a combined one for iTrodes and conventional potentiometric electrodes), USB connection.

Measuring amplifier «on a chip»
Thanks to the most advanced electronics Metrohm has been able to reduce the measuring amplifier to the size of a postage stamp. This means that the complete measuring amplifier fits in the electrode cable head. It is automatically recognized and identified by its serial number.

Digital data transfer
Directly in the sensor, the analog/digital converter of the latest generation in the 854 iConnect converts the analog measuring signal into a digital data flow. Digital data transmission means that the measuring signal is no longer susceptible to electrostatic influences. Interference-free transmission can now always be guaranteed, no matter how long the electrode cable.

Just take the measuring amplifier with you!
With the 854 iConnect the sensor and measuring amplifier are always calibrated together and the calibration data stored in the intelligent electrode. As the measuring amplifier is no longer built into the instrument, the electrode and 854 iConnect can be used together with different titrators. The calibration procedure is no longer associated with a particular titrator.

The electrode used for the titration is really the most important component of any titration system, and until now it has been just this electrode that has formed the last gap in traceability. The 857 Titrando with iConnect now closes this gap and therefore guarantees complete traceability of the analytical result to each component participating in the analysis.
iConnect and iTrode prevent
– the use of an incorrect electrode,
– the use of an electrode whose calibration period or working life has expired.

The iTrodes of the new intelligent electrode generation confirm Metrohm’s leadership in the field of potentiometric titration. The built-in memory chip allows the storage of such important sensor data as article and serial numbers, calibration data, calibration history, working life and calibration validity period.

All the sensor data are read in automatically when the iTrode is connected to the 857 Titrando. Mix-ups or editing errors are therefore eliminated.
The electrode is identified automatically. If the type of electrode is not the same as that defined in the method then the user is informed. This means that it is not possible to use an incorrect electrode.

Monitoring functions allow the exclusion of electrodes whose calibration data lie outside the limits or whose calibration period has already expired. If the sensor is used with different instruments or if you wish to prevent inexperienced users from having to calibrate the electrode on their own instruments then the electrode can be calibrated on a different instrument under defined conditions. The calibration data stored in the chip make the electrode transferable; it does not need to be recalibrated each time that it is used with a different instrument.

Compatible with all existing sensors
Despite its new digital measuring interface and intelligent sensors, the 857 Titrando with combined analog and digital measuring amplifier (2.857.0020) also supports conventional sensors. This means that you can continue to use all your sensors.