856 Conductivity Module by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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856 Conductivity Module
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The 856 Conductivity Module is the new conductivity meter from Metrohm. It measures with state-of-the-art conductivity measuring cells – five-ring measuring cells. They achieve high linearity without platinization of the cell and are maintenance-free. The five-ring cells also yield accurate measurement data irrespective of the immersion depth.

Broad range of applications

The 856 Conductivity Module is versatile and can be used:
- to extend a Titrando with an additional measurement input for pH or ion measurement
- as an integrated conductometer in conjunction with the software packages PC Control or tiamo™ (from version 2.0)
- as a stand-alone conductometer together with the 840 Touch Control operating unit
- as a fully automated conductometer combined with the 814 USB Sample Processor or 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL

Thanks to the galvanically separated measuring input, pH and conductivity measurements can now be performed simultaneously in the same sample vessel. Regardless of the application – measurements always meet GLP and FDA requirements.

For use with the latest conductivity measuring cell technology

The 856 Conductivity Module’s new five-ring conductivity measuring cells provide a wide linear measuring range. In contrast to four-ring cells, the electrode can be fully immersed in the sample solution. In a stirred solution, this results in faster mixing within the measuring cell. Thanks to the removable cap, the conductivity measuring cells are very easy to clean.

Plug-and-play functionality for numerous peripheral devices

Two USB and four MSB ports make the 856 Conductivity Module incredibly flexible. Plug-and-play functionality means the user can connect a multitude of devices:
- printers, sample changers, barcode readers, etc.
- up to four stirrers and four 800 Dosinos