847 USB Lab Link by Metrohm AG

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847 USB Lab Link

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847 USB Lab Link – rapid network connection for Titrando

With the 847 USB Lab Link you can connect your Titrando/Touch Control system directly with your internal network (Intranet, LAN). In this way the non-PC-supported Titrando can make use of the practically unlimited possibilities of a computer network. The new 847 USB Lab Link will convince you with its rapid USB communication and simple configuration; it also offers extended functions for saving and printing out your results.

Unlimited results memory
At the end of the determination you save your results file on a networked computer. This means that the results can be viewed at any time by other Touch Control users. The network offers a virtually unlimited storage space and is backed up regularly; data loss is therefore almost entirely excluded. The encrypted results files are protected against manipulation by unauthorized persons.

Saving methods
Methods can also be saved on the server and made accessible to other Touch Control users. With an appropriate configuration, all the other Touch Control users in the network can utilize the same determination methods. This can be used, for example, to make released methods available throughout a company in a quick and cost-saving manner. There is only a single version of a determination method in use, and this is always the one that is currently valid.

System backup
The backup function allows all the data of the Touch Control to be stored in the network. This means that after a system crash the Titrando or a replacement system can be made to function again after only a few minutes. Selective recovery, for example of the user administration, on a new Touch Control is also possible.

Printing on the network printer
The standard procedure is to pass analysis reports on to a printer via a USB connection. The 847 USB Lab Link allows the use of network printers. This means that each Titrando can send its analysis report to a printer in the network. The acquisition of a separate printer and the laboratory space that it requires are no longer necessary; this reduces the bench area required for a Titrando/Touch Control system even further, and this without having to forgo clear and detailed reports.

Remote control of the Titrando
The Titrando/Touch Control system in the network can be remote-controlled via the 847 USB Lab Link. This means that you always have the possibility of informing yourself about the status of the titration system or of actively taking over its operation. Start or stop titrations, edit method parameters or follow the live curve – all this can be done conveniently from your office workplace. This possibility can also be used for long-distance service, i.e. for providing an on-site user with support by a system administrator or a more experienced user.

Plug & Play – simplest configuration
As a true USB device the 847 USB Lab Link is connected directly to the Titrando and automatically recognized. As the Lab Link is DHCP-enabled*, connection to the Ethernet is child’s play. The use of static IP addresses is also supported. All settings can be made comfortably on the Touch Control. The 847 USB Lab Link 847 logs itself onto the Lab Link server automatically, so that the amount of configuration work required on this side is also minimal.