844 UV VIS Compact IC by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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844 UV VIS Compact IC

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The First All In One compact UV VIS IC system worldwide

The complete chromatography system in a minimal space – the ion chromatograph 844 UV VIS Compact IC separates and determines substances that absorb in the ultraviolet or visible range of the spectrum. This opens up a large number of applications that are not directly amenable to ion chromatography with conductivity detection.

Some important application areas

Detection of heavy metals
Chromium-containing effluents from tanneries
Corrosion monitoring in power plants
Determination of bromate in drinking water
Determination of sulfur compounds in wastewater
Determination of nitrite and nitrate in seawaterTop technology

The 844 UV VIS Compact IC combines all system components in one compact protective housing: injector, high-pressure pump with gradient capability, column heating, post-column reactor, reagent pump and the newly developed array UV VIS detector.

Diode array detector
Three wavelengths plus parallel reference channel
Scan mode for easy system optimization
Combined UV and VIS lamp system
No lamp change required during operation
Integrated post-column reactor
Column heating

An ordinary PC suffices to control the complete system. The Metrodata IC Net software warrants easy and intuitive system operation. Optimized data acquisition allows data processing while the chromatogram is still running. The large range of Metrosep separation columns assures analytical success.