815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG
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815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Automated Sample Preparation

"We had Metrohm custom build a sample rack that is specific to our sample preparation scheme. This robot is easy to use and very versatile for different sample types. The software is user friendly. The service has been great both for preventative maintenance and repairs. "

Review date: 22 Oct 2015 | 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL
The highly efficient Robotic USB Sample Processor XL with two stations and four pump connections carries out complex laboratory automation tasks in combination with a Titrando. Together with the Swing Head the capacity is increased, for example, to 100 x 75 mL samples. The daisy-chain function of the MSB connections allows the direct control of Dosinos for «extended liquid handling» and/or of stirrers; including control cable. For rinsing the titration vessels and electrodes and for aspirating off the titrated solution up to four external peristaltic or membrane pumps can be connected. The methods are programmed with the handy Touch Control or PC-controlled - with the tiamo titration software.

• Large sample volumes and large numbers of samples
• Parallel operation
• Automated liquid handling - pipetting
• Karl Fischer automation
• Automatic sample preparation
• Two external titration stations