815 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer by Lancer Sales USA, Inc.

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815 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer

Average Rating: 3.7
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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Washing Laboratory Glassware

"The Lancer has been effective in our laboratory. We rarely have issues with glassware not getting cleaned. However, we have had to call for service a couple different times (the latest is because the seal on the front is leaking). It does take a while to get replacement parts."

Review date: 11 Nov 2015 | 815 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer
The Lancer 815 LX undercounter glassware washers fit neatly in standard 24”/60cm laboratory casework, the 815 LX lab washers offer two levels of washing and the same high performance cleaning principles of all Lancer washers. Racks are interchangeable between levels.

Key features of the 815 LX washers include; efficient direct injection cleaning, ideal for minimum space or budget, flexibility with two independent wash levels and interchangeable racks, economical and accurate dosing by two peristaltic pumps and high grade stainless steel clad on all sides for stand alone applications. Additionally the 815 LX offers hot, forced air chamber drying. (*A non-drying unit is also available.)

Additionally these washers offer microprocessor controls with 4 pre-set programs for for chemistry glassware, bacteriology/virology (high temperature), stubborn stains (agar) and volumetric glassware (lower-temp). For other applications 16 additional programs can be modified to fit any application. These custom programs offer the user the ability to easily adjust cycle parameters for program phases, temperatures, phase times and chemical dosing.