7890B GC Large Valve Oven by Agilent Technologies

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7890B GC Large Valve Oven
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The Agilent Large Valve Oven (LVO) for the 7890B GC is a versatile, high capacity external oven, which can be configured to support complex, multi-valve GC applications.

The Agilent LVO system is available as a highly customizable option for the 7890B GC as well as several multi-valve analyzers. These analyzers come as complete systems which are built and tested prior to shipment so that once they are installed and tested at the laboratory site, their chromatographic performance is guaranteed.

Precisely engineered for thermal isolation from the GC oven, the LVO provides a homogeneous isothermal environment for up to six positions for columns and valves, with convenient open-access for maintenance, adjustment, or customization. Accessibility, capacity and thermal uniformity make the Agilent LVO a premium GC valving option, especially suited to support the rising trend of combining multiple complex analyses on a single GC platform.

7890B GC Large Valve Oven Features:

  • Open Configuration for Easy Maintenance
  • Six-Valve Positions; Up to a 14-Port Valve
  • Ability to Configure Multiple Thermal Zones
  • Guaranteed Analyzer Chromatographic Performance