7667A Mini Thermal Desorber by Agilent Technologies

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7667A Mini Thermal Desorber
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The Agilent 7667A mini Thermal Desorber provides a truly mobile solution for VOCs tests in a gas matrix. It is designed with minimum power consumption, small bench space, and plug and play (available in the enhanced version and the version for uGC) features so that it could go anywhere and connect to GC or GC/MSD and start to work right away when seconds count.

The 7667A mini Thermal Desorber is a tube-only single-stage technology that covers C3 to C16 compound analysis. With the integrated sampling pump (available in enhanced version and the version for uGC), it can be used for sampling, concentrating, desorbing, and analyzing VOCs from C3 to C16, anywhere and anytime.

  • On tubing heating technology minimizes the cycle time within 10 min
  • EPC (available in Enhanced version) ensures the precision of flow control and the automation of operation
  • Integrated sampling pump (available in enhanced version) gets the analysis closest the sample, and supports continuous sampling and test on-line, at-line, or in the field
  • Embedded transfer line (available in enhanced version) allows to mount mini TD on top of GC inlet, consuming zero bench space. And the plug and play connection ensures fast connection, fast start up
  • Intuitive User Interface, no need for training personnel
  • Easy tube changing design with high quality seal materials to ensure very low carryover

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