7.5ml tube in 24 wells configuration by Micronic BV

Manufacturer Micronic BV

7.5ml tube in 24 wells configuration by Micronic BV product image
7.5ml tube in 24 wells configuration

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Micronic's Macro Tube range

When you require a compact storage system for liquid samples larger than 1ml and tissue-like materials, Micronic currently delivers standard the 2.5ml and the 7.5ml tube. Micronic always looks for a customer focused solution, in case your application asks for a different volume; please contact Micronic or your local sales representative.

More than 25 years of experience has resulted in the highest quality and most consistent tubes in the market. The Micronic tubes are produced in a Class 10.000 clean room of a pure medical grade polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) to ensure your sample integrity.

7.5ml tube in 24 wells configuration

Do you want to organise your large volume storage into a more structured and space saving manner?

If so, then the Micronic Macro tube 7.5ml. is the tube of choice for storage of samples like tissues, seeds & plants and any other larger solid specimens or liquid volumes

The 7.5ml square tube with a snap on lid, manufactured from polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) provides you with easy sample handling and reliability for long term storage. The 24 well ComoRack that holds the 7.5ml tube has the same dimension as the SBS 96 well racks of Micronic. This improves the use and organisation of your storage room or freezer.


  • Working volume of 7ml
  • Square shape ideal for storage of solid samples or tissues
  • Attached snap on lid, provides an air tight seal
  • Autoclavable over 100 times without warping
  • Absolute consistency / 100% Quality control
  • Working temperature ultra low
  • Pure medical grade PP or PE
  • Resists high chemical solvents
  • Produced in Class 10.000 Clean room
  • Flat bottom
  • Available as bulk and pre-filled in a 24 well tubeholder (ComoRack -24)
  • Fits in Micronic Extendable Storage holder (for easy recovery of rack)
  • On request: 7ml PP Tracker tube (Datamatrix labelled)