743 Rancimat - Determination of the oxidative stability of fats and oils

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A new era in the determination of the Oxidative Stability of natural fats, oils and biodiesel

The 743 Rancimat as a modern, PC-controlled instrument allows determining oxidative stability very comfortably. Disposable reaction vessels decrease the time for cleaning the instrument to an absolute minimum. This saves time and costs. In addition the accuracy and reproducibility is significantly improved. With the certified temperature sensor in the GLP set it is now possible to adjust the temperature very precisely and reproducibly, which also improves the comparability of the results furthermore.

The evaluation software with comprehensive database functions permits the comfortable handling of large amounts of samples and data. A rough estimation of the shelf life of a product is possible with the unique temperature extrapolation feature.

Accelerated determination of stability at elevated temperature

Oxidative stability of FAME (fatty acid methyl ester, biodiesel)
Oxidative stability of edible fats and oils
Development of antioxidants for food industry
Oxidative stability fat containing products: cereals, biscuits, cookies, hazelnuts

Oxidative stability

The determination of the oxidative stability in natural fats and oils is a method for quality control in the food industry. The Rancimat method has been developed as an automated version of the extremely demanding AOM method (active oxygen method) for the determination of the induction time of fats and oils.

In this method the highly volatile organic acids produced by autoxidation are absorbed in water and used to indicate the induction time. In the course of time this method has become well established and has been included in various national and international standards.

National and international standards

ISO 6886: Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of oxidation stability
AOCS Cd 12b-92: Sampling and analysis of commercial fats and oils: Oil Stability Index Fat stability test on Autoxidation. CDM, Japan
DIN EN 14112: Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) - Determination of oxidation stability (Accelerated oxidation test)
SLB - Swiss official methods for testing food, Section 7.5.4 Determination of the induction period with accelerated tests.

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743 Rancimat - Determination of the oxidative stability of fats and oils

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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