67 Series Spectrophotometers

Manufacturer Bibby Scientific

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The 67 series spectrophotometers have high quality sealed split beam optics for optimum photometric performance.

This range includes three models which each have measurement modes for photometrics, spectrum scanning, multi-wavelength analysis, kinetics and quantitation, giving direct concentration results against single or multi-point calibrations. With extensive post measurement tools to ensure results are presented exactly to each users requirements the 67 series also offers significant advances in data portability.

The 67 series has novel features which include a colour touch screen, secure multi-user function, save results and methods to SD cards and QWheel navigation for fine cursor control. Model 6700 covers the visible part of the spectrum from 320nm to 1100nm and has a spectral bandwidth of 4nm. Models 6705 and 6715 cover the UV/visible part of the spectrum from 190nm to 1100nm with a spectral bandwidth of 4nm and 1.5nm respectively.

All three models are covered by a three year warranty which includes the xenon lamp.


  • Colour touch screen display
  • High quality, sealed split beam optics for optimum photometric performance
  • Secure multi-user operation
  • Save to SD memory cards
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Extensive range of accessories for flexibility and improve productivity

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