64 Series TableTop™ Platform, 36" x 30"

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64 Series TableTop™ Platforms
Imperial Clean Top II with 4 isolators
36in.x30in. (145lb) or (66kg)

Effectively isolates floor vibration with unprecedented ease, portability and economy.

•Gimbal Piston Isolators
•Top plates available in granite, stainless steel laminate and CleanTop® II steel honeycomb breadboard
•Attaches to tops up to 2 1/8" thick
•Isolators cradle platform for stability
•Isolator housings protect isolators from being disturbed

Number of Gimbal Piston Isolators Required
For granite tops and CleanTop® II breadboards, three isolators are adequate for most loads. Some applications may benefit from a fourth isolator to allow alternate isolator arrangements. The effect on isolation is negligible. Heavier stainless steel laminate tops generally use four isolators for better load distribution.

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64 Series TableTop™ Platform, 36" x 30"

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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