6200 Series Accurate-Mass Time-of-Flight (TOF) LC/MS

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Sensitive, Accurate-Mass MS Analyses

The Agilent 6200 Accurate-Mass TOF LC/MS systems provide accurate-mass analyses for profiling, identifying, characterizing, and quantifying low molecular-weight compounds and biomolecules.

These TOF systems deliver exceptional MS analyses that support demanding applications such as proteomics, metabolomics, impurity testing, product degradation studies, forensics, food safety, and environmental analyses. Agilent True Hi-Def TOF technology, a key feature of the 6200 Series TOF LC/MS instruments, delivers outstanding TOF performance characteristics without any performance compromises.

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6200 Series Accurate-Mass Time-of-Flight (TOF) LC/MS

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews