6000ILM Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

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The Keysight 6000ILM AFM seamlessly integrates the capabilities of an atomic force microscope with those of an inverted light microscope or an inverted confocal microscope, letting life science researchers go beyond the optical diffraction limit to achieve nanoscale resolution without any special sample preparation.

The 6000ILM allows molecular imaging, live-cell imaging, force studies, and mechanical stimulus studies to be conducted with a single-system solution, all while preserving an efficient, natural workflow. It is ideal for studying cell membranes, the surface structure of cells, single DNA/RNA strands, individual proteins, single molecules, and biopolymers.

Key Features & Specifications of the Keysight 6000ILM AFM:

  • Easy-to-use solution integrates ILM and AFM capabilities
  • Simple point-and-shoot AFM imaging based on optical view 
  • High-precision overlays of light microscopy and AFM images
  • Motorized stage directs movement of sample beneath AFM tip