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VOYAGER II 6-Channel Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes

Manufacturer INTEGRA Biosciences  |  Available Worldwide

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INTEGRA introduces the most cost effective, intuitive, handheld pipettes for automated fluid transfer between differing labware formats.

By allowing a user to change the pipettes tip spacing on the fly, the 6-channel VOYAGER enables scientists to transfer up to six samples at a time between labware of different sizes and configurations. The 6-channel VOYAGER is ideal for transferring between 24 well plates, 48 well plates and tube racks.

The simple push of a button on the patented Touch Wheel interface opens or closes the tips to a spacing defined by the user. The result is a level of flexibility currently delivered by single channel pipettes but with a vast improvement in efficiency and productivity. VOYAGER is the first and only handheld pipette that allows the transfer of samples between two different labware formats with one-handed operation.

VOYAGER 6-Channel Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipette Features & Benefits:

  • Multichannel Adjustable Tip Spacing - Expand anywhere from 4.5mm to 32.5mm to accommodate a wide variety of micro plates, tube racks and gel boxes.
  • Motorized Tip Movements - Offers high resolution tip spacing movements for optimal targeting; eliminates transcription errors when performing sample transfers. The motorized tip movement also allows for one hand operation.
  • GripTip Pipette Tips - Tips that don’t fall off help eliminate precious reagent or sample waste. Tips that seal effortlessly to optimize accuracy and precision every time.
  • Intuitive User Interface - Electronic pipettes have a common user interface making it easy enough to switch between both systems without a second thought.
  • Convenient Pipette and Program Management - Pipettes can be connected to a computer via USB port. For laboratories with many users or power users with many pipetting protocols, all custom programs can be stored and backed up in a library on the computer.

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VOYAGER II 6-Channel Adjustable Tip Spacing Pipettes

Manufacturer INTEGRA Biosciences  |  Available Worldwide

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