5975T LTM GC/MSD by Agilent Technologies

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The Agilent 5975T LTM GC/MSD is the first commercial transportable GC/MSD system that delivers the same high performance, reliability and quality results as our bench top 5975C series GC/MSD in a size is  more than one-third smaller and consumes about half the power.

Agilents proprietary LTM technology is used for faster GC analysis by providing dramatically faster temperature ramp rates. DRS and RTL databases are leveraged for faster screening and analysis of compounds in the field. The 5975T system allows you to go into the field with confidence for the best performance and speed, help you get the credible results you need to make quick, sound decisions affecting life, health, and safety.

5975T LTM GC/MSD Features:

  • 1.8u to 1050u mass range for the greatest range of applications.
  • Transportable and highly reliable for quick response in the field.
  • Proprietary LTM technology allows for direct, rapid heating (up to 1200°C/min) and cooling for faster on-site analysis.
  • Gold true hyperbolic quartz quadrupole provides unsurpassed performance and reliability for on-site measurement.
  • Classical EI spectra using quadrupole technology delivers NIST searchable spectra of unknowns.
  • 7667A Mini Thermal Desorber lets you perform fast, confident gas sample introduction in the field.
  • Thermal Separation Probe(TSP) – A fast and easy alternative MS probe for analyzing solid, liquid, and slurry samples in the field.
  • Handheld Capillary Trap Gas Sampler (CTS) puts air sampling at your fingertips – no matter where your analysis takes you.
  • Agilent’s 7693 Series and 7650A Automatic Liquid Sampler (ALS) deliver the fastest injection times of any GC autosampler.
  • Excellent value for money with one system for both lab and field use.