4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld) by Agilent Technologies

4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld) by Agilent Technologies product image
4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld)

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The 4100 ExoScan is a one module, 6.5 lb. system that is equally at home in the lab or at site.

The system is as versatile as it is rugged and features a choice of interchangeable sampling interfaces that make the ExoScan a highly useful hand-held mid-IR spectrometer.

You can choose diffuse, grazing angle, specular reflection or spherical ATR sampling interfaces, all of which can be changed in seconds with no realignment necessary. Thus, ExoScan can handle a wide range of sample types including infrared absorbing and scattering surfaces, reflective metal surfaces with coatings and films as well as analysis of bulk materials including powders and granules.

4100 ExoScan Series FTIR (handheld) Features:

  • Handheld, battery-operated FTIR analyser
  • Weighs a mere 3.2 kg, including data system and batteries
  • Performance equal to or better than conventional laboratory FTIR spectrometers
  • Interchangeable sample interfaces to handle varying analytical challenges
  • Wireless connectivity allows easy transfer of data and methods between the PDA-based control panel and laptop
  • Continuously analyse for more than 3 hours, thanks to the onboard rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Tailor software access to each user so they can only perform commands appropriate to their function
  • Can be used in a lab, just like a benchtop FTIR by mounting system on docking station