405 LS Microplate Washer by BioTek Instruments, Inc.

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405 LS Microplate Washer
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Bioanalytical Chemistry

"Fantastic plate washer. Processes hundreds of washes for ELISAs with ease and finesse. Manifold moves smoothly and effortlessly across platform. Produces reliable results at breakneck speeds previously un-achievable with manual plate washing. Invaluable part of the bioanalytical chemistry team; would take out a second mortgage to buy another instrument. Can be sassy at times, for example filters leading to outlet pump tend to clog after overuse without emptying waste vesicle. Don't forget to clear all lines with DI water upon termination of day or machine will be clogged with salt build up. 100000/10 stars, loyal scientist forever."

Review date: 26 Jun 2013 | 405 LS Microplate Washer
The new 405™ LS Microplate Washer is based on the industry standard in microplate washing with superior performance and reliability. This fifth generation product offers several models and options for processing 96- and 384-well microplates to meet all throughput requirements. New functionality, such as built-in automated buffer switching and “quick-change” manifold designs, offer ease of use. The unique patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage™ option eliminates the number one cause of assay failure - clogged manifold tubes. Valuable time is saved with this automated maintenance capability. All 405 LS models provide excellent performance for ELISA and cell-based assays.
Programming the 405 LS is easy through its simple interface. A 2x24 character backlit LCD display enables full control of all wash parameters. For those who prefer the advantages of running instruments via computer control or require 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the 405 LS can be controlled with BioTek’s Liquid Handling Control™ Software. The optional BioStack™ is available for walk-away automation of up to 50 microplates.

For washing microsphere based assays, all 405 LS models can be equipped with accessory modules for both biomagnetic separation and vacuum filtraton. This allows for full plate washing of magnetic and polystyrene beads used in a growing number of multiplex assays and bead-based ELISAs, such as those developed on the Luminex® xMAP® technology platform. Developed with leaders in genotyping, gene expression and protein assays, the 405 LS’ biomagnetic separation incorporates a range of immobilization options each with high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets for rapid separation of micrometer and nanometer beads with superior retention. The 405 LS’ vacuum filtration feature automates the wash steps of filter bottom plates with five different vacuum levels for optimal performance of filter pore sizes ranging from 0.45 µm to 1.2 µm. The 405 LS is Luminex® xMAP® approved.

The 405 LS is available in a range of configurations for different microplate formats and wash requirements. The 405 HT LS is designed specifically to rapidly wash 384-well microplates and includes BioTek's patented Dual-Action™ 192-tube manifold to ensure optimal performance. A proprietary tube-in-tube aspiration manifold design also provides complete 384-well evacuation even with buffers not containing surfactant. The 405 Select LS offers the patented Dual-Action™ manifold in a 96-tube format, providing independent control of both dispense and aspirate manifolds for precise overfill washing and overflow protection. This unique design washes both 96- and 384-well plates without the need for any hardware changes. With its angled dispense tubes, full control of dispense and aspiration rates and unique X, Y, Z positioning, the 405 Select LS is ideal for the most demanding wash requirements including loosely-adherent cell lines. For those applications that use only 96-well microplates, the standard 405 LS is an ideal choice with unique features to lower background absorbance values and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of typical ELISA assays.

• MSD assays
• HCS immune cytochemistry
• FLIPR® Ca2+ flux
• Cell-based assays
• Magnetic and polystyrene bead processing (gene expression assays, cytokine assays)
• ELISPOT assays