3900 High-Throughput DNA Synthesizer Columns

Manufacturer Applied Biosystems

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The ABI 3900 HT columns are fully assembled, low-cost columns that produce high-quality oligos. These supports are filled with polystryene, a material which has several advantages over the more conventional, controlled pore glass (CPG) filled columns.

• Proprietary design and manufacturing methods ensure consistency and high quality to give you optimal synthesis quality. 
• Hydrophobic, polystyrene-filled columns sustain an anhydrous environment to promote efficient coupling while minimizing nonspecific binding sites, yielding an efficient synthesis. 
• Polystyrene support allows synthesis of oligonucleotides of a variety of lengths, giving you flexibility in high-throughput oligo synthesis.

Designed for Performance

The greater hydrophobicity of polystyrene results in a higher yield of full-length product. Side reactions, such as extraneous chain growth, are minimized by the inert nature of this support surface. Three scales of columns are available; 40nmol, 0.2 micromol, and 1 micromol to complement the flexible platform of the 3900 system.

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3900 High-Throughput DNA Synthesizer Columns

Manufacturer Applied Biosystems

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