384-Well Microtiter Microplates by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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384-Well Microtiter Microplates
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Thermo 384 well Microtiter microplates offer you either round or rounded square well shapes and binding characteristics as well as pigmentation according to your choice. Available in clear, white and black versions, these microplates are suitable for a wide range of measurement techniques. The 384 well format enables higher sample density thus lowering the consumption of reagents.

Product detail:

Thermo wide range of 384 well microplates is ideal for high-throughput screening and research. These microplates allow miniaturization of assays thus saving on reagents and increasing productivity. They are suitable for many applications including genomics and combinatorial chemistry.

Because your choice of analytical technique is dependent on the assays you run, Thermo provides 384 well microplates designed for colorimetric, luminometric and fluorometric applications. The round well shape reduces wicking which prevents well to well contamination, and the square well shape with rounded corners allows you to use larger amounts of reagents with the maximum volume of 130 ul.