321/322 HPLC Pumps by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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321/322 HPLC Pumps
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Analytical to semi-preparative HPLC Pumps. The 321 and 322 multi-solvent pumps are designed for use with Gilson HPLC analytical and semi-preparative chromatography systems. The pump heads are easy to access and simple to maintain, and the pumps are stackable to conserve bench space.

- 321 functions as a controller with integrated keypad; 322 is remotely controlled via the 321 controller or TRILUTION® Software.
- High-pressure Adjustable Volume Dynamic Mixer (AVDM™) enables fast gradient response times and homogeneous mixtures for analytical to semipreparative applications.
- Keypad control: safety files (pressure limits, emergency signal and power failure); anomaly processing procedures with related outcomes; GLP functions: solvent consumption, diagnostic helps, maintenance logs, piston seal installation, mixing test and audit trail.
- TRILUTION® Software provides control within a complete prep workstation; includes data processing and results reporting.