3100 Mass Detector by Waters

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3100 Mass Detector
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The Waters 3100 Mass Detector is a compact, single-quadrupole atmospheric pressure ionization (API) mass detector that provides selectivity, sensitivity, and throughput with faster scan speeds.

Designed specifically for chromatographers performing LC/MS analysis, it offers a simple yet powerful solution for multi-tasking, fast-paced laboratory environments – with robust and reliable performance, and walk-up operation for any expertise level.

With very short columns producing fast separations, the 3100 scanning speed can easily keep up with your most demanding requirements. It is typically used for easy identification of compounds in applications ranging from peak purity and impurity profiling, to syntheses confirmation, to product deformulation, to enhanced method development with molecular weight-based peak tracking. For preparative analyses, the 3100 Mass Detector decreases the number of fractions to be handled in the post-purification phase and provides online mass confirmation.

Features of the Waters 3100 Mass Detector for LC/MS: 

• Interactive diagnostics software for worry-free system and fluidics optimization and performance checks with IntelliStart™ Technology 
• 1 pg sensitivity with either ESI or APCI 
• 10,000 Da/sec scan speeds up to 2,000 Da for full compatibility with seconds-wide fast LC peaks 
• Simple upkeep and minimal bench space requirements 
• Dual orthogonal sampling ionization with ZSpray™ source 
• Rapid polarity switching and multi-mode ionization with simultaneous APCI and ESI for comprehensive compound analyses in a single injection, with ESCi® Technology 
• Multiple detection strategies available with supported Tunable UV (TUV), Photodiode Array (PDA), and Evaporative Light Scattering (ELS) optical detectors 
• Control and data acquisition with Empower™ or MassLynx™ Software 
• Optional APPI (Atmospheric Pressure Photo-Ionization) available

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