2489 UV/Visible Detector by Waters

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2489 UV/Visible Detector
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The 2489 UV/Visible Detector is a versatile, dual-wavelength absorbance detector for HPLC. This detector offers the high sensitivity required for routine UV-based applications to low-level impurity identification and quantitative analysis.

The 2489 UV/Visible detector’s extended linear range of 2.5 AU makes for easy quantitation of both major and minor components in the same run. You can also simultaneously monitor absorbance at two user-selectable wavelengths for more information per run.

Operating as a stand-alone or as an integral component of Waters HPLC Systems, the 2489 UV/Visible detector will enhance the productivity of your chromatography laboratory. It offers a wide range of flow cell options and integrated features: 

• Enhanced sensitivity via patented TaperSlit™ flow cell, which channels light through the cell for better energy throughput while minimizing RI effects 
• Low noise performance (<5 µAU) 
• Flexible sampling rates, from 1 to 80 Hz, for normal and fast LC separations 
• Independent optimization of high-speed data rates and filter time constants allows for the accurate integration of narrow, sharp peaks 
• Enhanced thermal wander management reduces baseline wander due to fluctuations caused by ambient conditions 
• Accessible detector components for easy operation and maintenance

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2489 UV/Visible Detector by Waters product image