2200 PCX Particle Counter by Hach Company

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2200 PCX Particle Counter
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The Hach Model 2200 PCX is the first particle counter designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of water treatment. The Model 2200 PCX can be integrated into your plant control system, or used with our Water Quality Software products, or both, in parallel. Collected data can be utilized for optimizing chemical dosage, backwash cycles, and filter-to-waste times. Particle count reports can also be used to apply for removal credits and filter high-rate studies.
Monitoring the efficiency of your filtration process has never been easier or more affordable! Early detection of filter breakthrough, monitoring of backwash, and demonstrating efficiencies of high-rated filters are only a few of the immediate uses for HACH’s particle counting system.
All-in-all, the system is an ideal tool for helping you improve your water treatment/production process.
The 2200 PCX is equipped with a local display of particle counts. If you are operating the 2200 PCX in the standalone mode or with the Hach "VISTA" data collection software program, the display indicates the "normalized" count (counts/ml) based on the selected size range, count period and flow rate. These parameters are either set in the 2200 PCX or set by the data collection software. If operating with analog connection to SCADA, the display is total counts over total volume. This displayed information is useful for detecting filter problems with a quick check of "localized" counts at selected stations.
Each sensor can accept up to 8 analog inputs from other devices, i.e., pH, turbidity, etc. Then inputs are digitized and transmitted within RS485 output along with particle count data.
Each Model 2200 PCX is backed by the most experienced and knowledgeable technical and support staff in the industry. Select the choice of more engineering firms, state agencies, filter manufacturers, and water producers than any other particle counter worldwide - the Hach Model 2200 PCX.
• Volumetric - all particles pass through the sensing area
• Supports up to 32 size channels and 8 analog inputs (turbidity, pH, etc.)
• Operates stand-alone or as part of a networked system