2010 Geno/Grinder by SPEX SamplePrep, LLC

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2010 Geno/Grinder

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The SPEX SamplePrep Model 2000 Geno/Grinder is a new laboratory mill specifically designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking of deep-well titer plates. It is typically used to prepare tissue for extractions of nucleic acid, protein, and other constituents by shaking the tissue, steel balls, and a buffering agent together in each well of the titer plate. The Geno/Grinder measures less than two cubic feet and weighs 110 pounds. It meets all European CE Directives and is available in either 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz models. The operator can precisely adjust the stroke rate of the sample clamp mech-anism anywhere from 500 to 2000 up-and-down cycles per minute. The Geno/Grinder is specifically designed for shaking titer plates, and has many advantages over conventional mills and paint shakers "adapted" for this purpose.

Key features include:

•Prepares plant material such as seeds, stems, roots, leaves, and certain animal tissue.
•Handles two standard deep-well titer plates (5 in. long x 3 in. wide x 2 in. high).
•A digital timer displays both the full timer setting along with the minutes and seconds remaining in the grinding cycle.
•An adjustable dial allows the operator to set the precise vertical grinding speed between 500 and 2000 strokes per minute.
•Two safety interlocks, a lockdown latch and a pneumatic cylinder stabilize the lid for safe operation. 
•Isolation of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), proteins, enzymes and yeast.
•Used in high-throughput laboratory screening facilities.
•Elimination of cross-contamination.