1700 Chemiluminescent Microarray Analyzer

Manufacturer Applied Biosystems

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The 1700 Chemiluminescence Microarray Analyzer--a component of the Applied Biosystems Expression Array System--measures chemiluminescence emitted by the system's microarrays, enabling you to detect as little as a femtomole of expressed mRNA.

Proprietary chemiluminescent technology provides femtomolar-level sensitivity
System provides fast temperature controlled read times for high quality results
Fluorescence detection provides optimal read normalization, quality control, and signal measurement
Easy-to-use software enables image analysis, quantification, and QA/QC
Advanced software manages the content types and values associated with each experimental data point
Flexible software exports results in text file format so you can work with Spotfire®, DecisionSite™ or Genespring® analysis software

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1700 Chemiluminescent Microarray Analyzer

Manufacturer Applied Biosystems

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