1400 LXP Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer by Lancer Sales USA, Inc.

1400 LXP Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer by Lancer Sales USA, Inc. product image
1400 LXP Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

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The Lancer 1400 LXP freestanding glassware washer dryer has a wide chamber and 3 levels with a choice of positions at the upper levels. This enables washing and drying high volumes of glassware – whether lots of similar items or mixed loads of various types and sizes. Suitable for either high throughput labs or centralized washing facilities serving many labs, several 1400 LXP models provide a continual bulk cleaning process. The 1400 LXP offers adjustable drying in 1º C increments. Additional options for the 1400 LXP include: valdiation monitor, flowmeter, (2) extra dosing pumps and a conductivity meter. Racks are interchangeable between levels.

Key features of the 1400 LXP include: larger and wider chamber for greater capacity and volume with three levels of cleaning, more robust control system allowing for great washer functionality, optional independent monitoring system, powerful and rapid HEPA filtered drying through injectors and in wash chamber, increased safety with on-board storage and input of chemicals and higher grade 316 L stainless steel chamber.

Additionally the 1400 LXP provides microprocessor controls with 4 pre-set programs for for chemistry glassware, bacteriology/virology (high temperature), stubborn stains (agar) and volumetric glassware (lower-temp). For other applications 36 additional programs can be modified to fit any application. These custom programs offer the user the ability to easily adjust cycle parameters for program phases, temperatures, phase times and chemical dosing.