1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC System for MS by Agilent Technologies

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1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC System for MS
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Rating: 2.0

  • Application Area: I'm using this product for separation of small molecules

"The Agilent nanoLC is a binary pump with four channels that has a split. This split is a headache, because you need to take into account the flow of the primary part to avoid errors in your chromatograms. In addition, the autosampler with 8 microliters obligate you to do a complicated program of injection that includes several changes of the valve to eliminate the big internal volume when you are going to inject about 20 nL. The best part probably, is the detector; however, you need to change the included cell (with a cell volume too big) for a cell of 5 nL from Sunchrom. This cell from Sunchrom is really good until you have problems with the capillaries. The capillaries are soft and easy to break, no changes are possible, and so you need to change the cell, which is really expensive. Ultimately the instrument with more work on it will be a good alternative for nanoLC systems, however nowadays is really complicated to work with it in separation of molecules by direct injection. "

Review date: 25 Feb 2015 | 1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC System for MS
Nanoflow LC for high sensitivity nanospray LC/MS

    Nanoflow LC is widely used for high resolution separations and high sensitivity MS detection. The Agilent 1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC system incorporates Agilent's unique Electronic Flow Control (EFC) with active feedback and real time flow adjustment for constant flow delivery to the column independent of system backpressure. After its first introduction with Agilent capillary and nanoflow pumps, EFC with real time flow control is the gold standard for reliable and robust nanoflow performance. Easy to use, the Agilent 1260 Infinity Nanoflow LC simply requires the user to input the desired nanoflow set-point to obtain the precise flow and gradient performance required for retention time reproducibility and stable ion generation essential for high sensitivity nanoflow LC/MS performance.