120 Mini-Vertical Gel System by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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120 Mini-Vertical Gel System
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The 120 Mini-Vertical Gel System simplifies the process of separating proteins and nucleic acids in a mini-PAGE format. It is able to run four gels at a time, maximizing throughput and utility.

Product Detail

To maximize utility and throughput, the 120 mini-vertical runs up to four 8 x 7 cm gels (W x L) at one time. The 120 mini-vertical has a modular design. The basic system comes complete with everything required to cast and run two gels, and can be upgraded to a four gel system at any time.

Innovative Spacer Design

The heart of the 120 mini-vertical is its innovative, self-adhering, no-slip spacers. Using this patented  technology, the user can quickly assemble a leak-free glass cassette, greatly simplifying the entire process. Simply use the spacer alignment tool to correctly position the spacers and then press them onto the glass plate. Then apply the other plate. Once assembled, the spacers hold both plates together, forming a cassette that can be quickly placed on the casting stand for gel casting.

An Ideal System for Precast Gels

The 120 mini-vertical is quick and easy when running pre-cast gels. Simply place one gel on each side of the running frame, slide on the two clamps and place the running frame in the tank. The entire process takes less than one minute. The system accommodates 10 x 8 cm and 10 x 10 cm pre-cast gels from Bio-Rad, Fisher, Novex and Owl Separation Systems.

A Wide Variety of Accessories

The 120 mini-vertical comes complete with all the accessories required to cast and run two or four gels, including: two or four double-sided 0.75 mm 10/15- well combs, one or two 2-gel casting stands, glass plates, and 0.75 mm spacers. Spacers and combs are also available in thicknesses of 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm. A two-gel blot module and eight-gel Multicaster are also available.