(disabled) 1.1ml Screw Top Tube Range

Manufacturer Micronic BV

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Do you need to store precious samples in a 96 wells format (SBS footprint) ultra low temperature?

If yes, Micronic offers a full range of tubes with a screw cap, ensuring sample integrity. With the same high quality aspects as the Micronic standard tube range, this screw top tube range is compatible with all Micronic systems.

 - The highest resistance to solvent attack and abrasion
 - Easy opening and closure (1 turn) for cryo preservation
 - All Micronic screw top tubes can be capped both with a Screw caps and a TPE Caps ensuring maximum flexibility in closure integrity.
 - Fits in existing Micronic racks

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(disabled) 1.1ml Screw Top Tube Range

Manufacturer Micronic BV

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