112 UV Detector by Gilson, Inc.

Manufacturer Gilson, Inc.

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112 UV Detector
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Rugged, economical, fixed-wavelength detector for analytical or preparative HPLC. A front panel knob allows selection of the wavelength to monitor the absorbency of almost any sample.

- Provides detection at 254 and 280 wavelengths.
- Fixed-wavelength design provides increased sensitivity and durability.
- Event-marking function allows convenient marking of the point of injection or advance of a fraction collector on the recorder or data system.
- 10-mm pathlength analytical flow cell offers excellent sensitivity ranging from 0.001–1 AUFS (Absorbance Units, Full Scale).
- Dual-beam optics ensure equal illumination of both the sample cell and the reference aperture to maintain baseline stability at high sensitivity.
- Easy-to-change lamp and filter assemblies for selecting wavelengths.
- Easy, one-step baseline function helps reduct operating and setup time.

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