1000 range Circular Boiling Baths

Manufacturer Nickel-Electro Ltd

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Round, aluminium electrically heated fixed temperature, for boiling water, fitted with concentric ringed lid to vary the hole size.

The steam produced provides an effective source of heat for samples:

* that may be otherwise thermally damaged by a naked flame
* used for applications to distill/concentrate liquids, melt agar and other solids
* metallurgical analysis, protein analysis and bacteriological examinations

Features an integral constant level device to maintain constant water level during boiling and supplied with a set of rings to vary the diameter of aperture to accommodate different sizes of vessels of evaporating dishes and glassware, including round-bottom flasks.

Fitted with a sheathed immersion element and fused for safety.

Carries the CE mark meeting the requirements of Low Voltage and EMC Directives.

Models available in the range

1022E 178 x 127mm Aluminium Electric Bath
1026E 203 x 127mm Aluminium Electric Bath
1007E 203 x 127mm Stainless Steel Electric Bath