1-step Fix/Lyse Solution (10X) 200 mL

Manufacturer eBioscience

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The eBioscience 1-Step Fix/Lyse Solution enables lysis of red blood cells after staining peripheral blood cells with fluorochrome conjugated antibodies. This solution has been specially formulated to lyse non-nucleated erythrocytes while maintaining a fixed land labeled eukocyte population. Therefore, whole blood samples can be stained for the appropriate markers, RBC-lysed, washed, and then analyzed by flow cytometry. Isolation of mononuclear cells by gradient centrifugation (e.g. Ficoll-Paque density gradient separation) is not required when using this solution. The eBioscience 1-Step Fix/Lyse Solution is compatible with antibodies conjugated to organic dyes, eFluor® nanocrystals, and tandem dyes.