1 and 2 mm I.D. Analytical Columns

Manufacturer Waters

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For applications where the sample is neither volume or concentration limited, Waters offers 1 and 2mm Internal Diameter columns of various lengths for use on traditional HPLC MS inlets.

As with Waters array of NanoEase™ columns, the same Waters reversed-phase packings are also available in these two column internal diameter offerings. Chemistry choices include: XBridge® Columns, CORTECS® Columns, XSelect Columns, Atlantis® Polar Compound Columns SunFire® Columns Symmetry® and Symmetry300™ columns

These columns allow:
  • To maximizes detection sensitivity while minimizing solvent consumption.
  • To meet separation challenges with different chemistry offerings.
  • To Simplify MS Data interpretation by enhancing your chromatographic separations using Waters chemistries in MS compatible columns.

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1 and 2 mm I.D. Analytical Columns

Manufacturer Waters

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