µ-Slide Chemotaxis - ibiTreat, tissue culture treated,

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Rating: 3.3

  • Application Area: Microscopy, cell culture, chemotaxis

"Challenging technically but robust co-culture and gradient formation. Relatively inexpensive. Great for forming drug gradients as well as chemo-attractant gradients."

Review date: 31 May 2012 | µ-Slide Chemotaxis - ibiTreat, tissue culture treated,
µ-Slide for stable gradients, 3 chambers on one slide for chemotaxis and migration assays

• long term chemotaxis experiments with adherent cells
• ready to use system, no assembling
• linear gradients, stable for over 48 hours
• 3 chambers on one slide for parallel working
• adapters for different pipettes
• made for high-end video microscopy

basic principle:
two large reservoirs of 40µl are connected by a narrow observation area

the cells in the observation area become super-imposed by a linear and time-stable gradient

chemotaxis chambers on slide

volume per chamber
80 µl

observation area
2x1 mm2

total height with plugs
12 mm

volume chemoattractant
18 µl

bottom matches coverslip
No. 1.5