µ-Dish 35mm, low, ibiTreat, tissue culture treated, sterile

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35mm Petri dish with a thin bottom
for high end microscopy – with low walls

• ideal cell growth with ibiTreat surface
• low walls > cell manipulation combined with high resolution microscopy
• lid with lock position for minimized evaporation
• perfect cell imaging with fluorescence microscopy and phase contrast
• no glue > no cell harm
• 3 lid positions adjustable
• suitable for DIC (without lid)

Ø µ-Dish 35mm, low
35 mm

recommended volume per
µ-Dish 35mm, low
800 µl

growth area
3.5 cm2

Ø of observation area
21 mm

height with / without lid
9/7 mm

bottom matches coverslip
No. 1.5