ÄKTAcrossflow by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare
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ÄKTAcrossflow™ is a fully automated filtration system for cross flow filter screening, process development and small scale processing. The GE Healthcare’s AKTAcrossflow enables automation at very small scale, with capacity ranging from liters down to 25 ml.

Automation of the ÄKTAcrossflow gives you complete control of your process at the touch of a button, making it astonishingly fast and easy from beginning to end. Intelligent UNICORN™ control software saves you days of data evaluation time.

With ÄKTAcrossflow simple, cost-effective screening and process development are no longer pure imagination.

Features and benefits of the GE Healthcare ÄKTAcrossflow include:

  • Automate your complete cross flow filtration process including pre-, post-, and process steps
  • Eliminate operator errors in cross flow filtration to ensure more reliable results
  • Evaluate data automatically in hours rather than days
  • Work with sample volumes from liters down to 25 ml
  • Ensure minimal disruption of proteins and cells due to innovative design