Product News: Ziath CEO Neil Benn to Present Two Workshops at ELRIG Conference and New Tube Dowser (DMSO Reader) to be Launched

25 Aug 2010

Ziath Ltd. will debut its new and affordable Tube Dowser (DMSO content reader) alongside a full range of 2D barcode readers and related products. Ziath will also be hosting two free lunchtime workshops designed to give you an introduction to the growing importance of barcoding across the industry.

The new Ziath Tube Dowser is designed to test a variety of standard polypropylene storage tube styles and determines the water content of the DMSO contained within the tube. The measurement technology is completely non-invasive (i.e., decapping is not required), and is accurate to within 1% of hydration level of DMSO. USB-powered, the Tube Dowser is small, integratable and represents a major breakthrough in affordability.

Along with the Tube Dowser Ziath will be showing its full range of 2D barcode readers, including the popular A6 model. The Ziath A6 rack scanner comes with a low profile/small footprint design making it ideal for integration into robotics platforms. Capable of scanning any and all racks of the major manufacturers, in well under ten seconds, the A6 also scans racks directly from -80º c. storage. As with all the scanners, the A6 runs on Ziath DataPaq software. Designed and written by Ziath, DataPaq is eminently user friendly and requires only a minimal one-time calibration; and yet, unlike the third-party software used by others, because it is our own program, we can offer wide-ranging customization and driver solutions to suit your specific needs.

Visit Ziath on Stand G5/H5 at the ELRIG conference to see the new Tube Dowser, the state-of-the-art A6 scanner, as well as the other models in the 2D barcode reader range alongside other plate and tube devices. Ziath look forward to assisting you with your sample management requirements.

Additionally, Ziath CEO Neil Benn will be presenting two free lunchtime workshops at ELRIG/Drug Discovery at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

These courses (offered once on each day of the symposium) will introduce you to the following topics:

• When to introduce barcoding
• How to introduce barcoding
• A brief introduction to linear barcoding technology — labels and scanners
• A brief introduction to 2D barcoding technology — labels and scanners
• A brief look into the future — RFID and 3D barcoding technology

Neil has 16 years of experience in sample management, laboratory automation and barcoding within large pharma, medium-sized biotech, small start-up biotech and academic research. Neil has implemented barcoding at a number of different organisations. He is co-founder and currently managing director of Ziath Ltd., a UK-based company specialising in sample management, 2D barcoding and advising in implementation of best barcoding strategies.

Register for one of Neil’s seminars at the ELRIG reception desk, or preferably, to assure your place, visit the Ziath website and follow the link for the conference.

Visit stand G5/H5 to find out more.