Product News: Ziath Announces the Launch of New Version of its Ground-Breaking 2D Barcode Scanning Software

13 Apr 2010

The DataPaq Version 1.23 offers many new features and improvements over the previous Version 1.22, including:

• Much improved empty well detection. This feature requires ‘zero-configuration’ and works ‘out-of-the-box’ for all tube types
• Improved ability to detect when a plate is not on the scanner or is unreadable (for example, when the tubes in the rack are not barcoded)
• Export results to a database by direct connection to database
• XML result output to file
• Keyword configuration for output files
• Date, time and barcode replacement in filename for driverless integration mode
• Retrieval of settings in integration mode
• Automatic settings refresh whilst running in integration mode
DataPaq Single Version 1.2 also offers many new features and improvements, including:
• Server mode to facilitate integration into robotics in LIMS systems
• Configurable "re-scan" of same barcode
• Significantly faster performance

And as always, with all our products, the same super, easy-to-use, ‘single-click’ for any make or model of tube is still there. Along with the new features in Version 1.23, DataPaq’s outstanding usability removes scanning headaches and drastically reduces training requirements. The new version is now being shipped with all new product orders and offered as a free upgrade to all our existing customers.