Product News: You would like to make the search for a new microscope easy for you? Visit OLYMPUS - Hall 9 – booth F26

01 Oct 2008

At this years’ Biotechnica OLYMPUS will confirm their status as a producer of microscopes, presenting selected products. OLYMPUS should be your first and last choice of stands to visit, for all your application needs. You can familiarize yourself with a multitasking confocal Laser-scanning-microscope like our FV1000 FluoView with its unique SIM-Scanner, an impressing stereo microscope with fluorescence characteristics or even the single cell amplification.

Cell Imaging Software
The cell* family is a comprehensive series of mutually compatible imaging products for life science microscopy offering a uniquely appealing blend of superior performance and user-friendly operation. Ranging from the basic package cell^A to sophisticated imaging stations like cell^R, the cell* family provides you with flexible and easy to use functionality for better image acquisition, processing, archiving and analysis.

dotSlide - Digital Virtual Microscope
dotSlide is an imaging system for 'virtual microscopy', the digital equivalent to conventional light microscopy. Instead of viewing a specimen through the eyepiece of the microscope, a virtual overview image of the entire slide is displayed in perfect quality on the monitor after the system has scanned the specimen at the required resolution. Integrated focus routines make sure the image is always in sharp focus. The single images initially acquired during the scanning process are automatically stitched together to form a large seamless overview image (the 'virtual slide'). This digital virtual microscopy image can be saved in a web-based database and is accessible for online conferencing, e.g. in pathology or histology.