Product News: YSI introduces the P 700 IQ Orthophosphate Analyzer

25 Oct 2013

YSI, a Xylem brand, introduces the P 700 IQ Orthophosphate Analyzer; to be used as a stand-alone analyzer or in conjunction with other sensors in a IQ SensorNet 2020 XT continuous monitoring and control system.

YSI Director of Water Quality Products Tim Grooms says, “The P 700 measures the amount of orthophosphate throughout the wastewater treatment process and can help determine whether or not it’s been eliminated. The great thing about this analyzer is that it can run itself continuously for up to 8 months without needing a user calibration or reagent changes”

Because of its two measuring ranges, the P 700 can be used throughout a wastewater treatment plant to measure orthophosphates (also known as soluble reactive phosphorus and commonly referred to as phosphate): from pre-sedimentation to the biological tanks and to the effluent. It provides continuous data to help improve operational efficiency as well as verification of phosphate elimination.

When networked with other sensors in an IQ SensorNet 2020XT system, data from the P 700 displays in the network just like any other sensor, one of a possible 20 different parameters that can be used in a network.

The housing of the P 700 is compact and can be ordered with or without a built-in permeate pump. When ordered with a pump, the pump is housed inside the analyzer and can be kept under climate control for continuous use no matter the weather if ordered in the outdoor model. With the P 700, you only need to exchange solutions every 4-8 months on average, depending on measuring range and interval. This reduces the overall cost of the unit when compared to other analyzers. The unit also calibrates itself automatically and makes use of the proven Vanadomolybdate (yellow) method of detection.