Product News: Worthington to Showcase Product Line at AACC 2012

09 Jul 2012

Worthington is committed to providing the biochemical community with high-purity enzymes, biochemicals and nucleic acids for diagnostic, primary/stem cell isolation & bioprocessing applications.

Worthington occupies a vital niche in the field of biomedical research and technology. The specialized nature of the company’s products makes it difficult for new-comers to break into the market because researchers simply want reliable, consistent products with which to work. They do not want to 'shop around' for new sources as long as the material they get is satisfactory and reasonably priced.

Product line includes:

• Animal Origin Free (AOF) enzymes (minimize BSE/TSE and mammalian virus risks)
• rDNase I
• RNases T1 and T2
• Neutral Protease
• Collagenase
• Other products are also available in bulk quantities

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, Worthington can meet enzyme requirements from research-scale to bulk IVD and bioprocessing quantities.

You can visit Worthington at the AACC 2012 Clinical Lab Expo, July 17-19, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA - booth 837.