Product News: New Primary Cell Isolation and Tissue Dissociation Guide Available

03 Dec 2012

Visit Worthington booth #500 at ASCB 2012 to complete a short ‘Primary Cell Isolation’ survey and enter a drawing to win an iPod.

Also request a copy of Worthington's new Tissue Dissociation Guide that is available to assist researchers with selecting enzymes, developing and optimizing protocols and better understanding the process of enzymatic primary cell isolation and tissue dissociation. The guide discusses the enzymes most commonly used, their handling and specificity, and includes hundreds of new detailed cell and species-specific references.

The new Worthington Hepatocyte Isolation System has been developed to provide researchers with a reliable, convenient, and consistent hepatocyte cell isolation system. By using the pre-optimized combination of enzymes contained in this kit, it is possible to minimize the lot-to-lot variation and improve the quality of the isolated hepatocytes. In addition, Worthington use-tests each lot by isolating hepatocytes from adult rat to assure performance, reliability, and consistent yield of viable cells. As in our Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation and Neural (Papain) Dissociation Kits, each kit includes single-use enzyme vials, balanced salt solution, buffer, culture media and an optimized protocol for five separate adult rat liver perfusions.

FREE Collagenase Sampling Program
As the leading manufacturer of collagenases, Worthington is able to offer the greatest number of different lots at any given time and recommend specific lots for an application. Under the program, individual researchers are provided with 100 mg samples of up to three different lots of collagenase for evaluation in their own assay systems. A period of 60 days is allowed for your evaluation of these samples. A minimum of 3 grams of each lot will be placed on HOLD, reserved in your name. When you determine which lot performs best for you, simply specify the lot desired when ordering. Samples and our Online Lot Selection Tool are available through our website.