Product News: Workhorse Mass Spectrometer for Routine Quantitation and Screening

14 Mar 2012

AB SCIEX has announced the introduction of the AB SCIEX 4500 series, which is a next-generation, mass spectrometry instrument for routine quantitation and screening. The AB SCIEX TripleQuad™ 4500 System is a new triple quadrupole system that delivers increased sensitivity.

This new system from AB SCIEX was developed based on feedback from top scientists and application experts in analytical science that led to intelligently re-engineering the company’s existing API 4000. The new AB SCIEX 4500 system is designed to be a new ‘workhorse’ mass spectrometer.

AB SCIEX is also delivering the 4500 system with the option of QTRAP® technology, which delivers simultaneous quantitation and library searching. The proprietary QTRAP® system increases full-scan sensitivity by 100x over basic triple quadrupoles by incorporating the sensitive Linear Accelerator™ Trap, providing excellent levels of confidence in results for screening applications.

“AB SCIEX extends its technology leadership in the mass spectrometry industry once again,” said Rainer Blair, President of AB SCIEX. “AB SCIEX has introduced the industry’s most rugged mass spectrometry platform with the best combination of sensitivity and performance for reliable quantitation and simultaneous library searching. The AB SCIEX 4500 series is truly best in class for analytical scientists who need a dependable LC/MS/MS workhorse system to deliver results they can trust hour after hour and day after day.”

To simplify the adoption of this next generation of LC/MS/MS technology, AB SCIEX has unveiled new bundled solution packages called AB SCIEX Accelerated Lab Integration™ Packages. These packages consist of not only the mass spectrometer, but also the standards, software, training, validation services and a liquid chromatography (LC) system, including the new Eksigent ekspert™ ultra 100 and 100-XL systems. These ekspert LC systems are analytical flow rate LC systems that AB SCIEX announced at Pittcon as part of the expansion of its LC product portfolio.

With the new 4500 series, the new LC systems and the Accelerated Lab Integration packages, scientists and laboratory analysts are able to significantly improve results for a variety of applications, including food and environmental contamination analysis, clinical research, forensic toxicology, protein identification, peptide quantitation and bioanalysis.

“Next-generation technology offers the opportunity to improve analyses,” said Xiangyu Jiang, Associate Director of Analytical & Instrumentation Services, Covance Laboratories. “Having 42 API 4000s in our LC/MS labs at Covance, I am pleased to see the next generation of this workhorse technology come out. Just as our challenges and opportunities evolve, it’s important that the technology evolves, too.”